Cancer Journals

Award-Winning Journals Provide Real World Advice and Guidance for Cancer Patients and Survivors


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Replace fear with hope and improve quality of life with theses self-guided, survivor-created journals. The What’s Next For My Life? Companion Journal answers questions patients don’t know or are afraid to ask, and allow them to privately explore emotions at their own pace. The What’s Next After Cancer Treatment Ends? LifeBook guides survivors through a proven process that promote life-giving choices when active treatment ends and a new normal life is being created. Uses wisdom from other survivors, self-exploration, and growth tools to smooth the transition and create a happier, healthier life as a survivor.

Currently used in over 20 cancer treatment centers and support organizations. Patients, survivors, and oncology health care professionals recommend these valuable tools for anyone affected by cancer.  The learning comes from the heart and spirit of survivors from all over the country.

These books give patients and survivors the one thing their doctors can’t – real world wisdom from other survivors.

What’s Next For My Life? ™ Companion Journal for Cancer Patients

  • Reduces isolation, loneliness and stress
  • Answers many common non-medical concerns
  • Allows patients to privately explore emotions at their own pace

What’s Next When Treatment Ends LifeBook

  • Creates foundation of self knowledge for future choices
  • Provides tools and process to promote choice and take action
  • Supports successful transition from patient to survivor

These books benefit patients, survivors, loved ones, and oncology healthcare providers!

“The survivor insight combined with the journaling prompts and compelling visuals make a unique and effective tool for our patients.” – Phil Fusca MSW, Co-Chair, SE Florida Cancer Control Collaborative

 “Both of my parents are going through cancer and I didn’t think they would use the book. After I read it, I realized that was OK because I can use what I learned in this book to open up communication and support all of us. It really helped me understand what I can do to help my parents,” comments Karima F.

Learn more about bringing these books to cancer patients and survivors.

3 thoughts on “Cancer Journals

  1. From the What’s Next For My Life Companion Journal, page 12. “My emotions were all over the place. One minute I could be completely fine and happy, and the next minute I could be in tears. Both were necessary for survival. I didn’t want to be sad all the time; on the reverse, I didn’t want to be happy the whole time because then I would have had lots of pent up emotions I needed to get out. I learned to feel how I needed, when I needed. Things were better after that.” – Daniel Paul Hedlund, diagnosed age 23, current age 25, metastatic osteosarcoma, three surgeries, chemotherapy


  2. Paula: This is Becky Hilbert-Burghart, Shawnee Heights Class of 1977. Wish I would have known about What’s Next For My Life in July 2007. My mom died of Lung Cancer in May 2009 but it’s OK!! We knew it was terminal and she had spent 20 years in Arizona away from her family. Well, guess what, cancer brought her home. By the end of 2007 she was back in Topeka, KS fighting for her life and her family right there with her. She never gave up until the cancer had spread so much she knew it was time to quite and she said, “I’m done”!! I said OK. She would say I have cancer but, it will not define me.
    To cut a long journey short, we looked at Cancer as a Gift…It brought her home. She got to know her grandchildren and Great grandchildren and they got to know her. We got to say everything to each other we ever wanted to say. We as a family decided, No regrets…and we had none at the end.
    For me, her daughter, I was with her..You see for me…I sum the entire experience up like this: She held me for my first breath and I held her for her last. And for that experience I am grateful. I wish for nothing for for my end but to see MY beautiful daughters eyes looking back at me when I go..It will be peaceful as was my mothers.


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