Should it take facing death to gain permission to live?

SoulCollageHeadShotI’ll confess. Even though I speak a lot and love being on stage, the idea of having only 5 minutes and 20 slides to share my story about the personal transformation I experienced in the wake of breast cancer was a little scary. OK a lot scary. It felt risky. Like stretching out of my comfort zone. Like being encouraged to walk my talk. In short, it was just like what I challenge my clients to do. How could I not step up?

I am so glad that I did. It felt wonderful to be on the stage talking how finding life coaching changed my life, and seeing the heads of the audience nodding along.

It was also extremely powerful for me to hear the life-shaping experiences, passions, and unique perspectives of the other speakers (we had 8 total) and to learn how coaching had transformed them. We all got to see a new side of each other, and you could feel the buzz in the room after the performances ended.

If you missed the event you can check out my performance of Should It Take Facing Death to Gain Permission to Live? HERE. And see all of the Ignite speaker videos HERE. Feel free to share them. They’re really interesting.

I also want to thank the ICF South Florida Chapter for co-sponsoring this fast, fun, lively evening. And for recording the videos and sharing them with the world and us speakers. It’s great to be part of this local coaching community.

I’d love to hear your story of personal transformation. Email me at



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