I Don’t Want to Share My Feelings!

 “I don’t want to share my feelings about what’s happening to me,” a recently diagnosed patient told me. “I just want to be left alone.”

 “I understand,” I replied, and paused. “Why should I have to think about a bunch of words like fear, death, cancer, and pain?” Her voice was louder. “I am so angry that this is happening to me. It’s just not fair. What will my family do if I die? Or can’t work?” Her voice shook and then she burst into sobs. After several minutes she finally wiped her tears away and looked up.

“How do you feel now?” I asked. Amazingly, she smiled at me through her tears. “I finally admitted that I’m more afraid for my family than I am about myself. It’s such a relief. I’m not happy, but I will get though this.”

Writing or speaking the truth about what’s happening to you is one of your most powerful tools to reduce fear and stress.

Sharing the honest, gut-wrenching truths behind your fears with yourself or with others feels better than holding them inside. Ongoing release of your very normal and natural emotions reduces stress and increases your ability to manage your experiences. Express your feelings regularly by writing or talking to yourself or others. Listen to your body. Right now, if your body wants to scream, laugh, cry, shout, dance, sing, or shut down, it’s sending you a message about what it needs to be healthy.

I challenge you to share your biggest fears. You’ll feel better! I’d love to hear your comments.

The above is an excerpt from my newly published book, the What’s Next For My Life? Companion Journal for Cancer Survivors. Click on the Companion Journal tab for more info and a sneak peak of the journal.


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